Kalpvriksh – The Wish Tree – Yours Dreams Are Just a Touch Away??? Rajiv Jain Cinematographer

Wildlife Conservation may be the protection of kinds of life inhabiting the protected areas like national parks, wildlife sanctuaries. Its significance is in the fact all living creatures include the much of this complex but fragile web of life as well as a slight disturbance can start to play havoc with this web of life. The flora and fauna of the planet is being destroyed at an alarming pace and if sincere efforts are not given with the proper time, a huge socio-economic cost could be paid by us, humans. A variety of attempts are happening at the international levels to conserve & preserve the wildlife. A large number of living beings are on the verge of extinction like tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, snow leopards, giant pandas, bears, birds like siberian cranes, western tragopan, vultures. The disappearance of these mammals like tigers, lions, bears has emboldened the vested elements to destroy the forests as their fearsome inhabitants cease to exist during these places. Worldwide attempts are made to create more areas as protected areas to ensure more and more habitats might be presented to these wildlife creatures. But the ever soaring inhabitants has posed most serious threat. More areas are become concrete foests to support a person’s needs and greeds.

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Narrative essay is boring unless the reader can truly “see” the events happening and feel why they may be significant. Descriptive language includes adjectives and adverbs (describing words), but in addition figurative language. Figurative language is language that induce images through comparisons or suggestions, like metaphors and similes. Figurative language can be extremely effective in portraying people, scenes, and events.

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